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Certified Lay Minister

The Certified Lay Minister Program (CML) seeks to prepare people for preaching the Word, care ministry to the congregation, assist in program leadership, and be a witness in the community for the growth, missional and connectional thrust of the church (¶268). This is achieved with the support of a ministry team within the context of the local church.

This training program is an instrument of accompaniment in ministerial practice. It is a tool that seeks to develop a critical and transforming mind in the person who uses it; a form of thought that seeks theory and practice, from the perspective of the Reign of God.

The purpose is for each leader and congregation to become active agents of change within the institutional church and society. This transformation must be based on the principles of His Reign in favor of the less favored communities.

The program is an authentic expression and affirmation of both our socio-cultural and linguistic inheritance and the current historical reality. Never leaving aside our historic Wesleyan and the United Methodist Church legacies. Likewise, this instrument seeks to develop in each participant a style of teamwork between the laity and the leadership of their district, for the support of small congregations, the formation of new faith communities and community centers.

Therefore, this program seeks to be an integrating element of our theology and of a ministerial practice relevant to the challenges and opportunities that the society of the 21st century offers.

The Certified Lay Ministry program is composed of the following four components:

Encuentro Uno: Ministry Organization
Provides basic tools to get actively involved in a work team for the development of new and relevant Hispanic/Latino ministries.

Encuentro Dos: Ministry Connection
Offers basic knowledge and skills for the development of new Hispanic/Latino ministries within the UMC.

Module One: Call and Covenant for Ministry
This Module presents the theology, calling, and steps for Lay Minister certification within The United Methodist Church.

Module Two: The Practice of Ministry
This Module covers the basic tasks of the Lay Minister: liturgy and worship, preaching, discipleship and pastoral care.


a. To complete the Lay Missionary program (Encuentros Uno & Dos)
b. Recommendation from the Charge Conference and District Superintendent.
c. Demonstrate commitment and dedication to the history, structure, theology, and doctrine of The United Methodist Church.
d. Appear before the district committee on ordained ministry (666.10).
e. Interview and recommendation of district committee on ordained ministry.