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NPHLM 25th Anniversary Celebration

After 25 years of experiencing the dramatic, fast-paced changes and crossroad challenges given by the twenty first century that put our United Methodist core values and principles to the test, it is urgent to develop a new and vital generation of leaders and communities.

The main purpose of the celebration was to highlight the historical partnership between MARCHA and the NPHLM by inviting national caucuses, episcopal leaders, staff from general agencies and annual conferences, together with clergy, laity and leaders from the new generation to be part of a critical process to induce, develop and organize relevant strategies to help our church shift its presence to the heart of its communities – a place where we know it is not always fully engaged.

Sacred spaces are needed from where the emerging generations can start to lead the processes as principle actors in re-articulating the principles and values of the UMC in the XXI Century. The United Methodist people in general affirm that the current trajectory of our denomination, particularly in our intercultural and multiethnic engagement, is not sustainable and does not truly reflect the energy, giftedness, and potential of our denomination, nor of our society.

Keynote Presentations


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Pablo Alvarado

Church, Labor and Social Justice

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Bishop Minerva Carcaño

Our Institutional Challenges

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Dr. Mark Hugo Lopez

Our Current Political, Social and Religious Reality

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Troy LaRaviere

Understanding And Confronting Our Prejudices

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Alexis Francisco

Emerging Prophetic Voices of the XXI Century

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Justo González

Consecrating Our Future, Consecrating the Church